…they have become my supplier of choice for network, application and pc projects. No task is too small; no project appears too large…

Martin Dean MD, Brighter Home Solutions.

Fourth Generation is experienced in the installation and configuration of a variety of computer networks ranging, from residential wireless local area networks to corporate multi-site infrastructures.

We are able to provide ad-hoc systems to extend wireless home LANS and network multiple devices as well as standard LAN topologies for businesses.

We specialise in providing highly-reliable networks and therefore only recommend and supply top quality network devices, hardware and software.

Network security is paramount for homes and businesses alike and Fourth Generation can supply, install and configure a variety of security systems such as internet firewalls and antivirus software.

Another popular service we can configure is the provision of secure home access to company networks to allow clients to work from home. We can also take care of any arrangements required for home access to be achieved such as ADSL broadband setup.


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Internet Setup & Configuration.

Having a problem in setting up your Internet? We will do it for you and configure access according to your needs.

Public & Private Wifi Networks.

Wireless Access Points that provide for multiple wireless networks to be broadcast simultaneously. Staff members are able to access and share hardware and software resources whilst visitors devices are isolated, allowing only direct internet access.


Whether it’s a listed building, working outside of office hours or working without disrupting business as usual processes we project manage and install with complete consideration for the environment we are working in.

Case Study Representative office of overseas government agency

A newly established representative office of a government maritime agency required assistance with their server setup after problems with internet and network connectivity during the initial installation.

Time critical re-installation of Windows Server 2012. Guidance on backups, connecting client PCs, network structure and security. Administrator training.

Since no domain had been created, the server contained no data and time was of the essence, the easiest path was to reinstall Windows Server 2012 from scratch and to add roles required for the server to function as Domain Controller and File Server. Network shares were added for roaming profiles, as were a few user accounts in preparation for new PCs.

Advice was given regarding backups and restores, connecting client PCs to the domain, also network structure and security. Basic system administrative tasks such as adding new users with roaming profiles, adding network shares were demonstrated to the designated administrator – a very happy client!

Case Study WiFi hotspots for college staff, pupils and visitors

With more and more employees being encouraged to ‘bring your own device’ (‘BYOD’) to work, staff at a college regularly required access to the corporate network from their own laptops over a secure wireless connection.

Installation of Cisco Wireless Access Points. Broadcasting of multiple wireless networks simultaneously. Staff network enabling access to internal resources and sharing. Students and visitors network allowing only direct internet access. Efficient. Cost effective. Secure.

At the same time, students at the college seemingly all had laptops, tablets, PDAs and phones which they would regularly use for their work, research or recreational purposes. Visitors, including parents, officials and maintenance engineers would also enquire about WiFi access at the premises.

We installed Cisco Wireless Access Points that provided for multiple wireless networks to be broadcast simultaneously: one for staff members only which allowed access to the corporate server and other internal network resources such as file and printer sharing between devices, and another for students and visitors which isolated each device connected, allowing only direct internet access from that device and blocking all other communication between other devices on the same wireless network.

This approach was both efficient and cost effective for the college as it meant a single internet connection could be shared between staff, pupils and visitors alike, without the need to completely overhaul the security of the college’s internal network.


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…The team at Fourth Generation has supported our computer systems since 2004, including … network cabling, remote access, providing excellent support and sound advice when required. We have confidently recommended their services on a number of occasions…

David Dean MD, C3 Print Group.

Fourth Generation provides a range of cabling services, from individual pin soldering to complete installations in multi-storey modern buildings.

We can implement a range of solutions from one-off patch cables to complete data and telephone integrated systems. Fourth Generation can also carry out network connectivity testing to identify any problems in the infrastructure.

We have experience in cabling in listed buildings and implementing optical laser links between sites, requiring the arrangement of trees to be trimmed in Brentwood Cathedral cemetery to allow for a clear line-of-sight.

A recent project involved the installation of Category 5e cabling to provide satellite television during the World Cup for employees of a large Romford-based Mailroom, Document & Logistics Solutions company.

From bat occupied lofts to frog infested cellars, from working round precious books in libraries to the discovery of religious artifacts under floorboards, our cabling experience and expertise spans a wide range…


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Case Study Cabling a public library within normal opening hours

We were tasked with running additional networking cables from the front desk of a public library, through cellars and then under floors, to a Communications cabinet located in a private room at the back of the library, without disturbing workers or the general public.

Network cabling in a challenging environment whilst allowing the facility to provide business as usual. Safety, security and project planning were key to the installation’s success.

The cellar walls are two feet thick in places and required careful drilling since the area was also used for storage. Many of the existing cables had to be tidied or relocated in order that they, along with the new cables, could be insulated from power lines and protected from being trapped and damaged by the moving bookshelves.

Where flooring needed to be lifted, only a very small section could be accessed at any given time since cordoning off the entire length of causeway – nearly half the total distance of the cable run – was not an option.

This task was a very rewarding, if time-consuming job!

Case Study Cabling a listed building

Extra care was needed to ensure that none of the plasterwork on the walls and ceilings was damaged when removing the existing cabling, some of which was pinned directly to walls or skirting boards and then painted over several times, making extraction tricky. This took almost as long as installing the new cabling!

Routed cabling in the most appropriate manner not the easiest manner. Improved network speed and reliability. No disruption to the business.

New cable runs needed to be installed through lofts and cellars to minimise the amount of trunking used, an interesting part of the job which resulted in finding artefacts dating back to the early 1900s and beyond.

Previously, all the computers and printers on an entire floor would lose network connectivity; simply moving a desk or chair and disturbing cabling or wall sockets could cause havoc! Good quality cable was used throughout for voice and data and this had an immediate beneficial effect, greatly improving network speed and reliability. The entire job was finished over the Christmas holiday period while the firm was shut and completed, as planned, in time for their return in the new year.

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