Computer Services

Fourth Generation has handled our IT requirements for many years now. Their service has always been top class. They have handled system replacement , upgrades and day to day maintenance calmly and efficiency. They are happy to work out of hours and at weekends where necessary to minimise disruption. Work is carried out on time and to budget. Above all they are very friendly and helpful and a good personal rapport is to my mind an essential part of a long term business relationship. I highly recommend them.

Chris Sykes – Senior Partner Sykes Anderson LLP Solicitors, London.

Fourth Generation was formed with a background of extensive experience in computing and the recruitment of carefully selected staff.

Our standards of work and professionalism have been set based on experience working for companies including Barclays Bank, ICL and Confederation Life Insurance Company.


We categorise our computer services into four broad areas but as our clients testify we will not be limited by those labels. If your requirements are not detailed please do contact us. We are sure we can help…


Technical Support

Hardware, Software & Consumables.

Sales, Installation, Support, Maintenance, Repair & Upgrade of hardware and software. Fourth Generation can also supply a wide variety of consumables, ranging from toner/ink cartridges and ribbons for printers, to optical and electronic media accessories, as well as laptop batteries.

Consultancy & Training.

We can provide direct consultancy and training in both commerical and residential computer skills.

Research & Development.

In the past we have worked with the Enhancement Technology Corporation in Pittsfield, Massachusetts. This resulted in the production of the Motorola 68000 based co-processor for the Apple II range of computers.



Network and Cabling

Internet Setup & Configuration.

Having a problem in setting up your Internet? We will do it for you and configure access according to your needs.

Public & Private Wifi Networks.

Wireless Access Points that provide for multiple wireless networks to be broadcast simultaneously. Staff members are able to access and share hardware and software resources whilst visitors devices are isolated, allowing only direct internet access.


Whether it’s a listed building, working outside of office hours or working without disrupting business as usual processes we project manage and install with complete consideration for the environment we are working in.



Web Development

Website Design & E-commerce.

We are involved in a number of Web development projects, plus on-going maintenance of companies’ websites.

Guidance on Hosting Options.

We offer guidance on hosting types and companies based on business requirements and assist with account setup and configuration.

Content Management Systems.

We develop applications and processes which make it straightforward for employees to update active sites in a very user friendly ‘what you see is what you get’ manner.



Disaster Recovery

PC & Laptop Repairs.

Our specialist team of technicians has the expertise to quickly resolve problems with all makes and models of PCs and Laptops.

Virus & Malware Removal.

We will clean your computer of those Internet nasties that spy on your personal data and cause havoc with your system.

Data Recovery.

We may be able to recover data from inoperable hardware even where there is no backup.